Upton Bridge Farm The Breed


We are proud to breed and rear the traditional pedigree North Devon cattle, otherwise known as Red Rubies. A rare breed native to the English shores, they are grass fed on the Somerset Levels and enjoy a large area of pasture per head. We encourage the cattle to roam quietly at their will and grow at a steady rate naturally. This means happy cattle and tender meat, with beautiful marbling and a succulent flavour.

The type of cattle feed not only influences the health of the animal but also provides flavour. Our meadows grow a wide range of plant varieties that provide a depth of flavour to the meat and supply the cattle with antioxidants, Omega-3 fats and trace minerals. The resulting meat is a superb source of protein, vitamins and minerals.



In the winter months we protect the cattle and the moorland by bringing them into our barns. We feed them silage that was made earlier in the year from our moorland meadows and, if required, rolled barley to keep their diet full of the nutrients that they require.

On the rare occasion our stock runs low we also source from a local farm to supply beef, from a grassfed Red Ruby the herd  also reared on the levels.

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