With a range of The Bay Tree Condiments

The Finest, Choice Cuts of Pedigree Grass-fed
Beef and Pork

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With a range of The Bay Tree Condiments

The Finest, Choice Cuts of Pedigree Grass-fed
Beef and Pork

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From Only POA

We are proud to stock sustainably reared, grassfed and pedigree -Beef, Pork and Chicken. A wide variety of cuts, available both chilled and frozen.

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From Only £2.45

A selection of freshly baked breads and pastries.

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From Only £1.40

Fresh organic whole milk, also available for refill.

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Condiments & Preserves

From Only £2.99

Locally made Jams, chutneys, stir in sources and honey from the farm. A real taste of the country in a jar.

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Food Cupboard

From Only £0.90

Be it assorted cheese crackers, salted date peanut butter or animal shaped pasta. There's everything here to fill the pantry.

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Fruit & Vegetables

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All the fruit and vegetables are grown 1mile from the farm. Sold when only in season and freshly picked.

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“Can honestly say the beef is the best I’ve ever had & the service is fantastic also. Just done my second order. Lovely personal service.”

“After twenty years of being a chef and having the great privilege of cooking with some of the very best in our industry, as well as a ready access to the finest produce from around the world, I can highly recommend Upton Bridge Farm’s fare.”

“Excellent is too poor an adjective to use for the quality, tenderness and taste of this beef. Had a large garden party and bbq and people were raving about the quality and taste. Excellent customer service too. Perfect in every way.”

“The beef went down a treat for Christmas Day lunch, it was gorgeous, very tasty. Will be ordering again soon Thankyou xx”

“Off the scale amazing!!! THE BEST!! You have to try it to believe it xx”

“Excellent quality beef and knowing the background of these well looked after and rare breed of cattle is exactly what I look for when buying my meat. Tried the burgers for the first time last night and was amazed by how little fat came out and how they didn’t shrink during the cooking process, shows you the quality compared to the supermarkets”

“Amazing bit of meat, will defo be ordering some more.”

Reasons to ChooseUpton Bridge Farm

A family run farm for three generations and established in 1949, we’ve been producing the finest grass fed meats since 1963 and continue to do so to this day.

We are proud to breed and rear the traditional pedigree North Devon cattle, otherwise known as Red Rubies. A rare breed native to the English shores.

Matured for 21 days, all of our cuts are rich in Omega-3 fats and trace minerals. The resulting meat is a superb source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

MeetThe Farmers

Timothy Walford

Born 1942, educated at Millfield and Bristol University, graduated with BSc in Elec Engineering.

Charlie Walford

Born in 1981, raised on the family farm he was educated at Millfield School and Bangor University.

AboutOur Meat

All our meat, be it individual cuts or selection boxes, will be delivered chilled and vacuum packed, to an address of your choice. Ready to be cooked that day or popped in the freezer for tasting at a later date. Each cut is individually wrapped and grouped, labelled with where the cow grazed and information from the farm, especially for you.

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